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Swimming pool Gtottos in Orlando,Tampa

There are waterfalls and then there is a whole another stylt of water features called GROTTOS.  A grotto waterfall takes the traditional rock fall into a visual and auditor wonder.  These specialty water features from AquaRock take on their on life and become a major point of focus in the backyard
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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pool waterfall picture in Orlando

This is our best picture from our last Job I'll post our best pictures on every job
Pool waterfalls in Orlando Florida

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Building a Pool waterfall in Orlando

Building a pool waterfall in Orlando Florida 5' high * 12' wide waterfall and a 4' grotto
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How to make a grotto cave for your pool
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Pool waterfalls orlando buil rong

One of the areas some swimming pool owners are running into difficulty is where they have an artificial rock waterfall that is an integral part of their pool. Unfortunately, many of these waterfalls were built incorrectly. we can help

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Pool waterfalls in Orlando Florida

AquaRock Swimming pool waterfalls are a lot more than just a water feature for swimming pools a waterfall is  a peace of art . AquaRock large, rocky outcropping built surrounding a curved fringe of the swimming pool creates a natural-looking waterfall. Waterfalls built more than 4' feet tall make ideal combo with  pool slides. The steps start at one end of the rock wall with the slide curving around and into the swimming pool from roughly the midpoint.AquaRock the best way to built a pool waterfall in Olrando Florida

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Pool waterfalls Orlando Florida

Pool waterfalls 
Swimming pool waterfalls from AquaRock will add an affect of Resort  to an otherwise mundane inground swimming pool. In addition to the form and style of a typical pool itself, the location of your waterfall  and the surrounding landscape can play a factor in deciding which type of AquaRock waterfalls best matches the swimming pool. Pool Waterfalls can  add a touch of nature while masking something very unnatural or make the horizon indistinguishable from the pool itself.
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How to built a pool waterfalls

Im creating a video on how to built  waterfalls it will take me some time but be pation
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